Can you give an animal a pawsome forever home?


We specialise in Cats and Dogs, we do not have small animals (rabbits, gunea pigs etc), wildlife or birds at this centre.

All animals that we have for adoption, PLUS those listed nationally can be found on the national RSPCA FIND A PET website.


Click HERE to visit Findapet and SEARCH.


Our current adoption fees are:-

Cats £90.00 per cat, £160 for a pair.

Dogs £150.00


All of our animals will have been fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, wormed & defleaed before they are rehomed, this would be a significantly higher charge if you were to get all of this done via a private vet! 


Some animals may have pre-existing health or behavioural conditions that will be highlighted and you will be infored of these BEFORE you decide to take the animal on.  We obviously work with all of the animals to ensure their health, well-being and behaviour, but occassionally, we have animals up for adoption that may have issues/conditions such as nervous behaviour, amputees, seperation anxiety and others.  We do not re-home aggressive animals and will spend more time and effort with that animal to get that animal into a position for re-homing.



All adopted animals come with 4 weeks free RSPCA pet insurance to get you started.


Adoption procedure:

Our adoption procedures have changed, we no longer  conduct home visits.  Once you have seleced the animal that you wish offer a forever home to, our branch will outline what is now required for our new perfect match procedures.


The first step is to search findapet and follow the instructions via that site.


Please note that we are not open to the public and unable to offer the usual walk through of the facilites to look at the animals available.

All animals looking for their forever home will be listed on the findapet website.


The perfect match system makes sure that the animal is as right for you as you are for it and applications may be refused on various grounds.

We do everything possible to ensure that all of the animals in our care find a forever home as quickly as possible, but not every animal is straight forward and our first consideration is the welfare of the animal.