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We are currently offering neutering for cats – Male £10/Female £20 to book an appointment please ring 0300 1111 333.

We have vouchers worth £30 towards the cost of neutering FEMALE cats available on our mobile clinic. You would only pay the difference of £23 – £26.10 at certain vets in the Oldham and Bury areas. Proof of benefit is required. For information ring 0300 1111 333.

Why should I have my pet neutered?

Neutering does have a number of benefits. Owning an unneutered female dog or cat can be very stressful when they come into season. For dogs, this can be twice a year and last for up to three weeks. During this time you are likely to notice blood spots around the house and particularly in the areas where your dog sleeps. A female cat can come into season multiple times during the year.

As well as the mess involved, your female dog may be pursued by persistent male dogs which can make walks very difficult. Whilst in season, a female cat is likely to attract unneutered male cats to the garden. During this time, you will need to keep your female cat indoors as if she is left free to roam she will most certainly meet and mate with a male. Whilst in season she is likely to constantly look for an escape route and could also be very vocal. A neutered female dog or cat will no longer come into season and so many of these problems can be avoided.

There are also some medical benefits associated with neutering. In dogs, castration removes the risk of testicular tumours developing and helps to prevent the onset of conditions such as prostate disease which is common in unneutered male dogs. In female dogs spaying can reduce the risk of mammary tumours and removes the threat of womb infections which can be very serious. Unneutered male cats tend to be territorial and can be more aggressive towards other male cats which can result in fights.