Sunderland, Hartlepool and South Tyneside Branch

How we Help

The RSPCA has been looking out for animals since 1824

We are the only organisation in the country who not only takes in homeless animals, but who also prosecutes those people who break the law by neglecting, abusing and sometimes killing them. They have no voice to stand up for themselves, so we do it for them.

This year the RSPCA has introduced 5 bold pledges that we will work to in order to continue to do what we do, and do it even better – we hope that you, the public, will take the time to read all about what we do for the welfare of animals in this country and also help us by sticking to these pledges too.

All of the staff at the Bury, Oldham & District RSPCA are getting on board to help spread the message about these pledges and we hope that you will too:
If you claim to love animals, you can help us to help them.

The 5 pledges are:

1. Increasing the proportion of UK farm animals reared in higher welfare systems.
2. Ending the overpopulation of companion animals and tackle related issues.
3. Reducing the number of exotic animals kept as pets and increase their humane care.
4. Ending euthanasia of any rehomeable animal.
5. Reducing the number of animals in the UK who undergo severe suffering when used in experiments.

Some of you are probably aware of what the RSPCA do in the way of animal welfare, but we need you to spread the word so that everyone knows how much we care, and how much we do.