Original store in Oldham set to re-open

Following a 12-month re-location to the Spindles shopping centre in Oldham, the Oldham branch of our stores is set to re-open its doors on Thursday 28th April, 10am.

The shop in spindles will be open until 3:30pm, 22nd April.

Our original store in Yorkshire Street was closed during the Pandemic due to a substantial flood, which has now been rectified and the store has been given a fresher look. It will still offer the wide range of clothing, handbags, belts, scarves, toys, games, shoes, jewellery, bric-a-brac but will benefit from a wider range of preloved furniture and other goods.

We would like to thank Oldham Council and the management and staff of Spindles Shopping Centre for being welcoming, accommodating and for being able to provide us with valuable space during the recent challenging times.

We welcome our existing customers back to the store on Yorkshire Street and hope that new customers will be attracted to the wide range of second hand and preloved items that we have for sale at inflation and cost of living busting prices.

Donations are welcome at the store and remind all donors to remember to gift aid any donations.

The store benefits from a fresher look, improved CCTV and theft security measures and improved layout.

Income raised by this store and the other 9 in our network provide the funds required to continue to rehabilitate and rehome hundreds of animals that come into our local centre annually often because of abuse, abandonment, or neglect. Our charity is not funded day to day by the RSPCA or donations made to it, so it is increasingly more important to help the animals by visiting one of our stores to help support the animals and charity.

This store and others we operate can be located by visiting our store page by clicking the button below: