Raise money, lower environmental impact - 'win-win'

To reduce textiles going to landfill, the use of harmful chemicals and to raise much needed funds, we have installed a recyling bank in the car park of our animal centre on Holgate Street, Oldham.


Members of the public are encouraged to deposit old clothes, shoes, textiles and more, 365 days a year.


An estimated £140 million worth of used clothing goes to waste and that is around 350,000 tonnes.  Unwanted clothes not only pack out wardrobes and drawers, but can end up in landfill sites, raise greenhouse gases and harm the environment unless recycled appropriately.


We get lots of donations and are often asked if we can take clothes and textiles that cannot be sold due to them not being of a saleable quality and until now, we have had to sadly turn these valuable donations away.  We looked at various options and locating a recycling bank at our animal centre is the perfect solution, not only can people deposit items destined for the tip, but they can also visit our shop on site for highly discounted cat and dog food, accessories, beds, cages and a selection of cold drinks and snacks.


Not only are we able to raise much needed funds for the charity as we get paid a nominal fee per tonne, but the clothes collected are sorted by colour and material which negates the need for re-dying with polluting chemicals and then the clothes are pulled into fibres to be reused, so we raise money and do out bit for the environment, it is a win-win.


Depending on the success of the new bank, we may extend this to include other materials, but due to the safety of animals this will not include glass.  We ask that supporters ensure that all items are placed into the recycling bank in bags and not left around the area as this could pose significant harm to animals, visitors, and the environment, which is totally against what we are trying to achieve.


Shoes, clothing, belts, bags, and textiles can be accepted at this recycling banks, however -soiled clothing, textiles, duvets, carpet, rugs, pillows, towels, and blankets cannot be accepted.  Clean towels can be left at the animal centre reception for use with the animals in their care.


The recycling bank located at the RSPCA Oldham animal centre just behind the Waterhead Academy on Holgate Street is open 8am to 6pm seven days a week, 365 days per year.


We are in a perfect location for visitors to the Strinesdale Country Park and Reservoir and we hope that people will use the recycling facility when either visiting our centre and shop, or in passing when visiting the park.


Money raised by the recycling bank directly funds our small independent charity as we receive no day-to-day funding from donations made to or from the National RSPCA.


Please bag your donations where possible to protect them from the elements and do not leave doations around the recyling bank.

If you are unable to visit the animal centre to make your donations, you can still support us in many other ways: