Appeal for lifesaving defibrillator to protect staff, volunteers and visitors to Strinesdale Country Park & Reservoir launched!

We have launched an appeal via AEDdonate to raise funds to purchase a lifesaving defibrillator to install at our animal centre on Holgate Street, Oldham to protect staff, volunteers, the local community, and visitors to the Strinesdale Country Park & Reservoir.



30,000 people die each year from out of hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), If defibrillation takes place within the first three minutes of an out of hospital SCA, the patient’s chances of survival increase from just 6% to upwards of 80%.



Having the defibrillator installed means that it can be deployed in a bid to give the patient the all-important shock to the heart prior to the ambulance arrival. The defibrillator is by no means a replacement to the ambulance service, it just allows patient treatment to commence immediately and potentially vastly increase the chances of survival.



Money raised will hopefully fund the machine, signage at the park, the annual running cost and training for staff at the centre, any surplus will go to support the animals at the centre.  As an independently funded charity we do not receive any daily funding or donations made to the National RSPCA and relies on donations made directly to the branch or for appeals such as this.



Vincent Sherard-Bornshin, our Chief Executive explained “Our centre is located right next to the Strinesdale Reservoir and since we are open 365 days a year from 8am to 5pm, it seems logical and advantageous to have a defibrillator installed to benefit our staff, visitors, the local community and visitors to the reservoir and park.  Any surplus from the fundraising will not only ensure we can train as many members of staff on site to operate the defibrillator but also potentially support the ongoing welfare of animals in our care.”. 



He added “The device will be listed on the National Database and registered with the Northwest Ambulance Service.  It is fantastic that AEDdonate have already pledged £400 towards the cost of the device and hope that the community gets behind this so we can get this lifesaving piece of equipment installed quickly. 



Whilst our focus is primarily about the welfare and rehabilitation of animals, we also play our part in the local and wider community by supporting foodbanks, the homeless, service veterans, work experience for disadvantaged young people and more.  Installing this device adds another method of supporting the community, one we hope will never be required, but great to know it is available at a moment’s notice to potentially save a life”.



If you would like to support this appeal for a lifesaving defibrillator, or fundraise for the appeal, please click the button below: