We are so greatful for all of the support that we recieve from animal lovers and supporters of not just the RSPCA, but our Branch.  We are a self-funded independant charity licenced by the National RSPCA and it has been really tough to make ends meet over the Coronavirus pandemic.  We know that we are not alone and realise that many people that would normally support us with financial donations are understandibly not in a postion to support us quite in the same way.


Did you know that we have an Amazon Wish list?

What this is a collection of items that we would find really useful and these can be purchased online by you for us and many of the items listed are pocket money prices and those that are ‘big ticket’ items are things that we need or want, but do not have the finances to purchase at the moment.

So we ask that if you want to support us in another way, you take a look at our wish list and see if you can help out in a different way that means that you do not have to make a donation.

Thank you for your continued support.

You can view our list HERE