We are at crisis point!

Coronavirus has hit us hard, just like many families within our community, but as a self funding charity that does not get any financial support from the National RSPCA and relies on it’s income from sales at its charity shops, we have hit crisis point as public confidence in the high street continues to diminish.

It really is not the fault of the animals in our care and the many animals we are expecting as families understandibly hunker down and protect thier own families future and either give up or abandon thier loved pets outside our centre.

The truth is that it costs us over £80,000 to support the hundreds of animals we care for with food, shelter, warmth, love, vetenary care and another chance in life. What are we supposed to do? We never knowingly put any animal to sleep, but we also cannot continue to fund our centre and over 50 staff and 100 volunteers that play a huge part in ensuring the animals we have are health, looked after before we can find thier forever home.

With dwindling reserves and income from shops, we have to find income and quick.

We are seeking to access Government support, but this will take time, time we simply do not have. Can you help? We know it is a big ask at the moment, but if you could help us out with a donation, it will go a long way to ensure we can carry on picking up the pieces from these defenceless animals and ride out the storm together.

Your generosity for the animals and the families we support is unparalleled and is received with our thanks and love.

Thank you!